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Concertrate Insert Lid & O-Rings Pax


Essential replacement parts for the PAX Concentrate Insert, the Concentrate Insert Lid & O-Rings help ensure proper, leak-free use of your vaporizer. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to ensure correct installation and use.

Concertrate Insert Lid & O-Rings Pax




Product description 

The Concentrate Insert Lid & O-Rings from PAX Labs are accessories designed to be used with the PAX Concentrate Insert. The PAX Concentrate Insert is a device that allows users to vaporize concentrates and oils with their PAX vaporizer.

The Concentrate Insert Lid & O-Rings are replacement parts for the PAX Concentrate Insert and are used to help ensure that it works properly and effectively. The O-rings are used to create a tight seal between the insert and the vaporizer, which helps to prevent leaks and spills. The replacement lid is designed to fit securely over the top of the insert, helping to contain the concentrates inside.

It’s important to use the correct replacement parts for your vaporizer accessories to ensure that they work properly and provide the best possible experience. Using the wrong replacement parts can cause damage to the vaporizer or the accessory, which can result in poor performance or even failure. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when replacing parts to ensure that they are installed and used correctly.

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