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Half-Pack Oven Lid Pax


Vaporize smaller amounts of herb efficiently with the PAX Half Pack Oven Lid. Must-have accessory for any PAX user to conserve their stash and achieve a smoother vaping experience.

Half-Pack Oven Lid Pax




Product description

The PAX Half Pack Oven Lid is a superb accessory for those who want to vaporize their dry herbs more efficiently. Designed to be used with the PAX vape, this lid allows users to vape smaller amounts of herb, conserving their stash and enabling them to experiment with different hemp strains. With the Half Pack Oven Lid, you’ll get a smoother and more rounded vaping experience, without having to fill up the entire oven. It’s a must-have accessory for any PAX user who wants to make the most of their dry herbs.

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