Joyetech – eGo cTwist 1100mah Battery


– Joytech eGo cTwist Pen

– 1100 Mah

– 3.3-4.8 Volts, Adjustable

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Joyetech’s eGo cTwist 1100mah are built to last and can be charged with the eGo USB charger. Comes with one battery per order. The tanks are sold separately.

This little pen-sized battery started it all. The eGo series of batteries gained significance in the vaping community because of their ease of use, affordability, power and reliability with above-an-ohm setups. This battery is a great device to begin vaping with.

Although they are not designed for rebuildable atomizers, they can be used as long as the resistance is above an ohm. These batteries were so popular, tanks were made to fit for them. These clearomizers are called ego-threaded tanks. Atomizers like the mini Protank V3 sit flush on the battery and are made to complement the look of the device. The eGo battery itself has two thread connections at the top end, 510 and eGo.

A charger, sold separately, is needed to charge the battery. 1100 mAh battery, 3.3-4.8 volt, 1100 milliamp hours holds a significant amount of life, enough for a day of vaping. Buy two if you are a heavy smoker and are just getting into vaping!