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Raised Mouthpiece Pax


Enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable PAX 2 vaping experience with the PAX Raised Mouthpiece. Provides smoother, cooler vapor and easier inhaling with reduced heat.

Raised Mouthpiece Pax




Product description

The PAX Raised Mouthpiece is a must-have accessory for PAX 2 vaporizer users who want a more comfortable and enjoyable vape. This raised mouthpiece is impeccably designed to provide smoother and cooler vapor with improved airflow, which translates to a more satisfying draw. Additionally, the raised mouthpiece shape makes it easier to inhale the vapor and reduces the amount of heat that comes into contact with your lips. So if you’re looking to enhance your PAX 2 vaping experience, the PAX Raised Mouthpiece is definitely worth considering.

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