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Meet our team

With three locations, Austin Vape and Smoke serves the needs of vapors and natural remedy enthusiasts across the city. Our goal is to provide quality vaping and smoking products in a friendly environment.

logo of BREE S. in austinvapeandsmoke



When Bree isn’t leading the way at one of our three locations, she enjoys chilling with coworkers Zaq & Robin and playing the game Dead By Daylight, reading manga, and “wasting [her] life watching terrible reality TV shows”

logo of Zaq H. in austinvapeandsmoke

Zaq H.

3 YEARS | Inventory Manager

Zaq is responsible for keeping our shelves stocked & our stores full of the coolest new vape and smoke products. When he’s away from the shops, Zaq can be found climbing with coworker Zach at the Austin Bouldering Project, or PC gaming- his current favorite fun fact? Pteranodon starts with a ‘P’!

logo of Robin S. in austinvapeandsmoke

Robin S.

1 YEARS | Sales Associate

Robin, a member of our highly knowledgeable sales staff, is a fan of all things creative. He enjoys making art (mostly drawing), watching horror movies with his cat Prince, and exploring Austin on scenic walks.

logo of Hilarie S. in austinvapeandsmoke

Hilarie S.

4 Months | Sales Associate

Hilarie is a part of our helpful and informed sales team. Away from AVS, you can find Hilarie hiking with coworker Robin, fishing in solitude, and trying new food around Austin.

logo of Zero G. in austinvapeandsmoke

Zero G.

3 Months | Sales Associate

Zero is another friendly face in our AVS shops! Befitting his name, when Zero leaves work the ‘turn(s) into a swirling cloud of black miasma and bats”. We hope that’s going well for him!

logo of Mike G. in austinvapeandsmoke

Mike G.

1.5 years | Sales Associate

Mike is a stellar part of our sales staff, and has been for well over a year! When he’s not helping out folks at one of our locations, Mike can be found in one of these green activities- being a green thumb in the garden, chasing green while playing tennis, or researching ‘green’ alternative health products. 

logo of Eliza D. in austinvapeandsmoke

Eliza D.

3 Months | Sales Associate

Meet Eliza, another salesperson on the AVS floor! Eliza has lots she likes to do away from work, including partying it up with friends, watching anime old and new, and playing video games. Sounds fun!

logo of Corri M. in austinvapeandsmoke

Corri M.

1 Month | Sales Associate

Corri is one of the newest members of our sales team! Corri is a big fan of music, and is especially digging Lil B right now. 

logo of James N. in austinvapeandsmoke

James N.

6 Month | Sales Associate

Introducing James, one of our lovely sales associates! James is a powerhouse of knowledge on the AVS floor, but away from work he’s a bit more relaxed- you can typically find him reading, hiking, or playing his guitar.

Who are we?

Austin Vape and Smoke opened up shop in the heart of Austin in 2012. The Goal? To fulfill the ever-increasing demand of the vape industry, while also maintaining the need for a high-quality smoker’s outlet. As the years have passed, AVS has increased its offerings, delving into the health & wellness space even more by beginning to offer CBD / hemp and kratom products. By creating a one-stop-shop for vapors and smokers alike, in addition to promoting an active lifestyle, Austin Vape and Smoke has established a way to enhance the quirky attitude of the city. With an effort to provide Austin residents the best products possible, the mission of Austin Vape and Smoke is simple: 

Live Healthier, Live Happier.


Grinders? You know it. And papers, lighters, plus the top names in herbal vaporizers. More of a vape fan? We’ve got all your e-cigarette needs including batteries, chargers, coils and tanks. But that’s not all- interested in legal hemp products in Texas? We’d be happy to take you through our growing selection of premium CBD, delta-8 THC, and more… You name it, Austin Vape and Smoke is sure to have it.


With three locations, Austin Vape and Smoke serves the needs of vapors and natural remedy enthusiasts across the city. Our goal is to provide quality vaping and smoking products in a friendly environment. Austin Vape and Smoke is home to knowledgeable employees who are here to serve our customers to the greatest capacity possible. Locations in the heart of Austin, service that’s out of this world.