How Trump And Friends May Effect CBD & THC Legalization?

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The State Of CBD & THC Legalization In Trump's Presidency

Not infrequently, a customer entering one of our shops will inquire as to the legality of our CBD and kratom products. We hear questions like: “Can I get in trouble for having this?” Our answers to these valid questions are happily positive - Kratom and CBD have been ruled to be completely legal in Texas and 43 other states, while recent and continuous strides forward in marijuana legalization would seem to be an indication that these rulings are here to stay. Seven states voted ‘yes’ to the legalization of either recreational or medical marijuana in our recent election, but these positive results are somewhat overshadowed by what I’m sure is a new question on ...

How Does CBD Affect Anxiety And PTSD In War Veterans?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the compounds that is found in cannabis. Like the other constituents of Marijuana, CBD belongs to cannabinoids. THC, a compound of Marijuana, is found in high concentration in the plant, followed by CBD. THC is the main psychoactive compound in Marijuana. The level of CBD and THC vary in different marijuana plants as each plant can make only a certain amount of resin; it is the resin content of the plant that contains both these compounds. Special breeding make it possible to make Marijuana that is high in CBD and very low in THC. Such kinds of Marijuana plants are legal in all the 50 states of America.

War Veterans and PTSD

ptsd_cannabis_veteransFor war veterans, adjusting back into the normal life can be very ...

How Does CBD Affect Pain?

Lately, there has been a lot of press about Cannabidiol or CBD, right from its ability to control seizures to being effective in pain management. CBD is the second most prevalent cannabinoid in medical marijuana; the first one being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

According to a study conducted in 2013, CBD helps reduce nausea, vomiting, seizures and combat anxiety and depression. Furthermore, CBD is also associated with anti-inflammatory properties along with antitumoral and antioxidant properties which help in fighting neurodegenerative disorders.

CBD topicals such as lotions and creams are extensively used for muscle soreness and arthritis. Those suffering from post-workout or chronic pain find these CBD topical creams very useful for ...

Organic Vape Juice

Vaping is product of a health conscious society.  People are becoming more and more informed about what the eat, drink and consume.  Cigarettes are largely becoming a thing of the past, with use declining among adults and teens since 2005(  To quit smoking is no easy task(  Smoking cessation has been compared to many other addictions.  It may be hard to give up illegal drugs, but at least they aren’t selling them in 7-11.   Vaping has been essential in aiding smokers in their journey to a healthier life.  Even though vaping and electronic cigarettes are a significant improvement to smoking traditional cigare...

CBD Edibles

Everyone has heard of marijuana edibles, but CBD edibles? CBD is having a big year.  As the sister enzyme to THC, providing all the medical benefits with none of the psychoactive effects, it is starting to win over even those not in favor of medical marijuana. CBD can be used for  anti anxiety/anti psychotic purposes(, arthritis/pain relief(, nausea (, and even epilepsy( Typically, CBD is administered in a liquid form.  A concentrated oil that can be used sublingually, with just a few drops absorbed under the tongue, or dripped into ...

Portable Dabbers

Portable dabbers are the newest in a long line of products made for convenient and efficient consumption of marijuana.  Just when you thought leafy green weed was taking the world by storm, a whole bevy of new consumables has become available.  In addition to tinctures, lotions, capsules, and edibles, wax or “dabs”, is a new concentrated bi-product of the marijuana industry.  Though it has many different forms, and several different manufacturing methods, at the end of the day, it all serves the same purpose. (photos)
  • Oil; A.K.A Honey Oil, Stick ‘n’ Pull, Sap, Errl, Goo, 710
  • Wax; A.K.A Earwax, Candle, Miyagi, Budder
  • Shatter; A.K.A Amber, Rosin
shatter Normally concentrate is consumed using a wa...

Is Kratom Legal?: The Pros and Cons

is kratom illegal

Is Kratom legal?kratomillegal

Is Kratom legal? Seems like a simple question with a simple answer, right? Unfortunately it isn’t exactly so clear when it comes down to it. In the majority of the US, Kratom is fully legal, but a few states still have pending legislation, and several states have made it outright illegal.

Who Takes Kratom?

Kratom is an effective herbal remedy for a litany of symptoms and ailments, making it popular with people from all walks of life. Although Kratom does have some recreational effects, the medicinal possibilities are really what makes this plant so versatile.

Opioid Withdrawal

shutterstock_306061226One of Kratom’s most important uses is for opiate withdrawal. Kratom acts as a safe, natural alternative to Methadone or Suboxone, by ...

The Truth About Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana; is this a joke?

Medical marijuana is one of the most talked about subjects in the US today.  It may seem like weed has been taking over the world since Colorado and Washington decided to fully legalize its use in 2012, but in reality, the fight for marijuana, both medicinal and otherwise, has been silently raging in this country since prohibition began.  The federal government defines a Schedule I drug as:
...drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence. “
Drugs included in the Schedule I are:
“heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), ma...

Answers to Your Diacetyl Questions

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What the hell is Diacetyl?

Lately, the use butter flavoring containing diacetyl has come widely under scrutiny. This may sound like bad news for vapers who love the oh-so-delicious buttery style e-liquid.diacetylAccording to the CDC:
Diacetyl is a chemical that was found to be a prominent volatile constituent in butter flavoring and air at the microwave popcorn plant initially investigated by NIOSH. Diacetyl is also known as the alpha-diketone, 2,3-butanedione, or by its Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number, 431-03-08.
Now for those of us that aren’t fluent in science talk, what they are saying is that diacetyl is a chemical in butter flavoring. It was only suspected of being harmful after several employees at a popcorn factory inha...

CBD Oil; Miracle Medicine?

CBD; What is this stuff anyway?

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is changing how many people view cannabis. In order to understand more about CBD, it is important to understand the cannabis plant as a whole. There are over 480 natural components found within the Cannabis plant, of which 66 have been classified as "cannabinoids", chemicals unique to the plant. The most widely known and studied of the 66 cannabinoids is Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, however in the recent years, another cannabinoid, cannabidiol or CBD, has been getting quite a bit of attention.1318241492__image__thc-cbd-structureThere are both male and female cannabis plants. The male plant,commonly referred to as hemp, contains little to no THC. This is traditionally used to make everything fro...