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Blueberry Blast Sour Belts 300mg 10ct | Hometown Hero


Embark on a thrilling journey with Hometown Hero’s Blueberry Burst Sour Belts, infused with our potent 300mg THC blend per piece. These pliable, tangy cannabis treats are curated for the adventurous and imaginative souls. Crafted with precision, our THC blend is your source of inspiration, rejuvenation, and transformation. Whether you relish them as edibles or opt for a faster onset by dissolving them under your tongue, immerse yourself in a realm of vivid flavors and boundless creativity with every delectable bite.

22 in stock

Blueberry Blast Sour Belts 300mg 10ct | Hometown Hero


22 in stock



Experience an explosive burst of sour blueberry flavor in these candy belts infused with a potent THC blend boasting 300mg per piece. Prepare for a lip-puckering adventure that’s tailored for the bold and adventurous!

That means there’s a total of 3000mg per bag- that’s a ton! Approach these Blueberry Blast Sour Belts with care, and have fun.

Blueberry Blast Sour Belts Product Features:

This sensational stretchy and chewy cannabis candy is no illusion; it features the Hometown Hero blend, including:

  • 277mg Delta-8 THC
  • 12mg Delta-9 THC
  • 5mg Delta-10 THC
  • 4mg THCV
  • 2mg THCP

They have pushed the boundaries with these edibles, designed for those who seek to push their own limits. But don’t worry, if 300mg seems like a bit too much, we do have various other options available from our online store.

We’ve meticulously crafted this THC concoction to ignite inspiration, invigorate your senses, and break through the mundane to unleash a river of creativity. Each strip is infused with our THC blend with precision, ensuring consistent flavor and effects. You can enjoy them as edibles, or for a faster onset of effects, let some pieces dissolve under your tongue.

Are These Products Trustworthy?

Rest assured, trust is paramount to Hometown Hero. Just like all our products, our Blueberry Burst Sour Belts undergo rigorous safety and consistency testing in a DEA-certified laboratory. Yes, that DEA. Additionally, they proudly adhere to GMP standards, which means they follow FDA guidelines. We fully trust these products & have had solely positive experiences with them, and believe you will, too.

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