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Delta-9 Live Rosin Saltwater Taffy 150mg Hometown Hero


Experience the nostalgic delight of Tutti Frutti Salt Water Taffy, a timeless recipe dating back to 1914, but now with a twist—15mg of hemp-derived THC and sativa live rosin. These confections offer a delectable blend of fruity candy flavors with a creamy finish, evoking the essence of a beachside weekend.

Sativas, known for their uplifting and energizing effects, are the star here, making these taffies perfect for various occasions, from concerts to leisurely weekend outings. We’ve harnessed the power of sativa live rosin concentrate to preserve the plant’s terpene profile, enhancing the experience when combined with Delta-9 THC from hemp.

Delta-9, or “THC,” is celebrated for its diverse benefits, including relaxation and enjoyment. Rest assured, our Delta-9 is hemp-derived and compliant, allowing you to savor these fruity delights wherever you are, bringing peace to your moments of indulgence.

Delta-9 Live Rosin Saltwater Taffy 150mg Hometown Hero




Indulge in the delightful fusion of fruity candy flavors with a creamy undertone found in saltwater taffy, reminiscent of a weekend escape by the beach. However, what truly sets these treats apart is the presence of 15mg of hemp-derived THC and sativa live rosin, providing a unique sensation.

If you’re in search of a timeless flavor, look no further. This Tutti Frutti Salt Water Taffy recipe harks back to 1914, a period preceding cannabis prohibition. The only distinction? The addition of cannabis. So, while it might not be an exact replica of your great-grandparents’ taffy, its flavor would likely be familiar, albeit enhanced.

Sativas are favored by many enthusiasts for their potential to deliver uplifting, energizing, and even creative effects (individual experiences may vary). This makes them an excellent choice for concerts, movie nights, or your regular weekend excursions.

In crafting these confections, we’ve utilized sativa live rosin concentrate, which preserves the natural terpene profile of the plant. When combined with Delta-9 sourced from hemp, it can offer an authentic sativa experience.

Delta-9, commonly known as “THC,” is a highly regarded cannabinoid for its versatile benefits, including relief, relaxation, and sheer enjoyment. We’ve sourced the Delta-9 for these taffies from hemp, ensuring compliance with concentration regulations. So, regardless of your location, whether near a shoreline or miles away, savor the tranquil moments with these fruity treats.

Available Options (Flavors):

  • Birthday Cake (Indica)
  • Cotton Candy (Hybrid)
  • Tutti Frutti (Sativa)

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12.70 × 12.70 × 17.82 cm

Birthday Cake (Indica), Cotton Candy (Hybrid), Tutti Frutti (Sativa)


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