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GRH Kratom Blend – Boost (Powder)


Boost your energy and focus with GRH Kratom’s proprietary blend of the best white vein kratom strains. Perfect for pre-workout or tackling your to-do list. Third-party lab tested for purity and quality.

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GRH Kratom Blend – Boost (Powder)

GRH Kratom Blend – Boost (Powder)




Product description

Introducing the Boost blend of kratom from GRH Kratom- this proprietary blend combines the best white vein kratom strains in order to enhance effects and create the most powerful blend possible. We’re big fans of GRH Kratom as a brand, they’re from Austin TX just like we are, and are a small business that’s devoted to cleanliness and quality products. All their products undergo third-party lab testing in order to ensure quality and purity, and you can find their lab results on their website.

Boost is a potent blend that’s designed for amplified energy, so you can take on the world. Boost is a popular option for a pre-workout kratom blend as it not only increases energy and focus, it might help with post-workout recovery as well. Time to turn up the volume and knock out that to-do list or the next workout, Boost has got your back.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17.72 × 7.62 × 22.86 cm

1000g, 100g, 45g, 500g


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