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Habit’s – Sauce THCA 2G Disposable


Habit’s – Sauce THCA 2G Disposable




Elevate your cannabis experience with Habit’s THCA 2G Disposable. Packed with a potent 2,000mg of THCA, this sleek device features USB-C charging for convenience. A user-friendly power button allows you to effortlessly control the device, turning it on and off as desired. Hold the button to activate the device, or simply inhale while it’s turned on for a seamless and satisfying experience. Discover the unadulterated power of THCA in a portable, ready-to-go format and unlock the true essence of cannabis with Habit, available in a variety of strains including Ship Wreck (Sativa), Kush Mintz (Hybrid), M.A.C (Hybrid), and OG Glue (Indica).


Austin Vape & Smoke

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12.70 × 10.16 × 15.24 cm

Ship Wreck (Sativa), Kush Mintz (Hybrid), Lava Cake (Hybrid), M.A.C (Hybrid), OG Glue (Indica)


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