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Lighter – Blink Torch Gun


Upgrade to the stylish and sleek Blink Torch Gun Lighter – a refillable butane lighter that doubles as a mini torch gun for wind-resistant flames on-the-go.

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Lighter – Blink Torch Gun

Lighter – Blink Torch Gun


32 in stock



Product description

Get ready to feel like a secret agent with the Blink Torch Gun Lighter! This bad boy is a stylish and sleek butane lighter that doubles as a mini torch gun. Imagine a compact device that can also light up your candles or cigarettes. It is refillable and uses butane as its fuel source, so you can keep this torch with you wherever you go. Don’t settle for a boring old lighter – upgrade to the Blink Torch Gun Lighter and add a touch of style to your everyday routine.

Butane lighters, including the Blink Torch Gun, are often popular for their wind-resistant flames and ability to produce a strong and steady flame, making them a popular choice for outdoor activities such as camping or smoking. The “gun” design of the lighter makes it easier to grip and use, and the compact size means it is a convenient option for on-the-go use.

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Dimensions 7.62 × 5.08 × 9.50 cm


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