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MIT45 (Was MIT45 Gold)


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MIT45 (Was MIT45 Gold)


5 in stock



Looking for a convenient and mess-free way to experience the benefits of kratom?

MIT45 kratom shots are pre-measured and packed with our specially formulated, triple-purified kratom extract. This guarantees a consistent and balanced kratom experience you’ll love, every time.

Need a quick boost?

Take a sip of MIT45 to get things done and feel energized throughout the day. Want to relax and unwind? A single shot is perfect for that too!

Versatile and Portable:

MIT45 is a great choice for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of kratom without the hassle of measuring or mixing powders. Keep it in your bag for a convenient and effective dose whenever you need it.

How To Consume

Each 15ml Bottle Of MIT45 Contains 250mg Of Mitragyna Speciosa Extract And Is Recommended For Up To 3 Servings. Please, Consume Responsibly.

New Kratom Users: Start With 3-5ml, And Wait For Around One Hour. Kratom Affects Each Body Differently, And It’s Important To Understand How Your Body Interacts With Our Extracts.

Herbal Energy: For An Energizing Lift To Your Day, Sip 3-5ml Of The MIT45 Shot Mid-Morning, Or Before The Afternoon Slump Sets In.

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