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New Brew – Kratom and Kava Seltzer


Refreshing, subtly sweet, and always made with real fruit. A euphoric Kava and Kratom infused seltzer that offers a refreshing, potent dose of active botanicals. Introducing the first non-alcoholic, cannabis-free beverage with effects you can feel!

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New Brew – Kratom and Kava Seltzer




How will I feel after drinking New Brew?

New Brew produces a non-inebriating bliss, with a symphony of effects that include a positive attitude shift and a balanced feeling of calm, clarity and connection. Please take care when trying New Brew for the first time. Kratom and kava are new to most people and affect everyone differently, so listen carefully to your body when you try New Brew and decide whether more is the right call. Sip to assess your tolerance.

When should I drink New Brew?

New Brew can be taken at any time of the day, morning through evening. The most common time to take New Brew is in the afternoon and early evening as you transition to another phase of the day – before a workout, after work, in lieu of a cocktail or another cup of coffee.

Available in 3 Amazing Flavors!

  1. Berry РCrisp and light with a balance of sweet and tart.
  2. Citrus РWith bright flavors and deep roots.
  3. Mango  РBold and radiant, our new mango flavor is a tropical twist on the New Brew you know and love.


Each serving contains: 

  • 125 mg Kavalactones (Kava Root Extract)
  • 25 mg Mitragynine (65% Kratom Mitragynine Extract)
  • 30 mg Caffeine (from Earl Grey Black Tea)

Serving size is 12 fl oz (1 can). Do not consume more than two (2) servings per day*.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17.72 × 12.70 × 22.86 cm

Berry, Citrus, Mango


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