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Tobacco Monster Menthol (Salt Nic)


Get transported to a winter wonderland with Tobacco Monster Menthol e-liquid. Menthol and tobacco flavors blended perfectly with salt nicotine.

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Tobacco Monster Menthol (Salt Nic)




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Picture yourself walking through a frosty forest on a winter’s day, the chill biting at your cheeks as you inhale the crisp, clean air. That’s the sensation you’ll experience when you try Tobacco Monster Menthol, a flavor of e-liquid that’s made for e-cigarettes and vaping devices. With its perfect blend of icy menthol and heavy tobacco flavors, this e-juice is sure to satisfy your cravings and carry you off to a winter wonderland. Plus, it contains salt nicotine for an extra satisfying nicotine hit. Try Tobacco Monster Menthol today and see why it’s a must-have for any menthol or tobacco lover!


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20mg, 40mg


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