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Twist Mint No. 1 (Salt Nic)


Fresh and minty Twist Mint No. 1 e-liquid contains salt nicotine for a smooth and intense nicotine hit. Perfect for a refreshing vaping experience.

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Twist Mint No. 1 (Salt Nic)




Products description

Twist Mint No. 1 e-liquid is a fresh and minty flavor designed for electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. With its invigorating and cool flavor, this e-liquid is perfect for those looking for a refreshing vaping experience. Now, you can choose from two different strengths to tailor your nicotine intake to your preferences – 35mg and 50mg. Plus, it contains salt nicotine, which provides a smoother and more intense nicotine hit. Add some twist to your vaping routine with Twist Mint No. 1!

A pure minty menthol flavor, this is about as clean as they come. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your preferred nicotine strength for a customized vaping experience.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12.70 × 7.62 × 17.82 cm

35mg, 50mg


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