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White Rhino – Anodized Metal Bat


Get ready to take your smoking experience to a whole new level with the anodized metal bat one hitter pipe!

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White Rhino – Anodized Metal Bat




This impressive piece of smoking equipment combines stylish looks with convenience and practicality. Everyone will be envious when you bring out this sleek silver one hitter at your next get together or solo smoke session.

Made from anodized metal, this one hitter pipe is incredibly durable and has a long life-span. The reliable design means that all of your dry herbs stay firmly inside, so you don’t end up licking the floor trying to find any runaway pieces. And because there’s no carb on the side, you can always enjoy a smooth relaxing draw on this bad boy until it’s all gone.

For a low-price and high-quality piece of smoking gear, look no further than the anodized metal bat one hitter pipe – it truly is unbeatable!

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