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Yocan Uni


Yocan Uni is a portable vaporizer for thin oil concentrates, with a rechargeable battery and heating element. Enjoy silky vape clouds on the go!

Yocan Uni




Product description 

The Yocan Uni is a slick, classy and portable electronic vaporizer designed to deliver an exceptional vaping experience. It’s ideal for use with thin oil concentrates, such as CBD or other hemp oil, and features a rechargeable battery and heating element to create a nice silky vape cloud. The compact size of the Yocan Uni makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, so you can enjoy your favorite e-liquids anytime, anywhere.

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Black, Black/Silver, Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Camouflage, Black Red Spatter, Black White Spatter, Black Green Spatter, White Red Spatter, White Black Spatter, Teal Black Spatter, Purple Black Spatter, Pink Black Spatter, Smoky Gray, White, Matt Gold, Mint Green, Airy Blue, Rasta, Rainbow, Blue Purple, Blue Red Yellow


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