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Zig-Zag – 100mm Cigarette Roller


Zig Zag’s 100mm roller ensures consistent size and shape for store-bought size cigarettes. Save time and effort while adding style to your smoking experience.

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Zig-Zag – 100mm Cigarette Roller




Product description

If you’re wanting to roll your own cigarettes, a 100mm roller is a must-have tool for the best possible cigs. The Zig Zag brand is very popular for its quality rolling papers and smoking accessories, and their 100mm roller is no exception.

With the 100mm roller, you can easily create cigarettes of a specific length, which is great for those who prefer a store-bought size. Not only does it ensure a consistent shape and size, but it can also save you time and effort compared to rolling by hand. Plus, the Zig Zag brand adds an extra touch of class and style to your smoking experience.


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