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Keeping it Weird: Hippie Culture in Austin

Two hands form a heart shape on a grassy background, below a colorful peace sign.

Austin’s been a bubble of blue in the great red sea of Texas for a while now, and the city’s liberal mentality has fostered a strong hippie culture that’s a huge part of why Austin is so well loved. Perhaps it’s because Austin is surrounded by red on all sides that the city’s inhabitants are […]

Tunes for Tots!

An artistic representation of music flowing from wireless headphones, including musical notes, buildings, and foliage, all encapsulated within a circular frame against a soft-toned backdrop.

Tunes for Tots Fundraiser Here at Austin Vape and Smoke we are committed to community service and the betterment of our city.  Tunes for Tots is the latest fundraiser from the AVS crew.  Over the past 6 weeks or so, we have been working very hard to plan an event that will be fun and […]