So, Your City Banned Public Vaping: What it means for Austin’s vapers

A week ago, Austin City Council members voted unanimously to include e-cigarettes in the citywide ordinance that bans smoking from public places. Bars and restaurants around town had expressed uncertainty as to whether or not their patrons should be allowed to vape in their establishments, and this law answers that uncertainty with a resounding ‘no’. Advocates of the council’s move see e-cigarettes and the vapor they produce as potentially harmful, citing a lack of scientific evidence on the safety of vaping.

To actual vapers, the news is a bit of a blow. Many Austinites trying to quit and stay off of cigarettes have switched to vaping, and credit e-cigarettes with improving their health and quality of life. In an Austin American-Statesman article, the president of the Texas E-Cigarette and Vaping Association Charlie Hodge said the move was “deadly”, and that it would discourage people from quitting cigarettes. While the ban makes vaping less convenient, it shouldn’t deter people from putting down cigarettes and picking up a vape- after all, the ban allows vaping everywhere cigarettes are allowed, so it shouldn’t discourage people from quitting at all.

Fear not, vapers of Austin- yes, the number of places you can vape has been restricted, but vaping is still alive and well. If you’ve heard about the ban and considered picking up a cigarette because of it, don’t! The same limitations apply to cigarettes and vaping so there’s no benefit to starting to smoke again, and the health benefits of vaping versus smoking are still astronomical.

So, while the move may be a bummer, don’t let it get you too down! Austin Vape & Smoke is still here with all your vaping needs, proud to be a part of vaping in Austin!



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