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Raw – Classic 300s 1 1/4 Papers


Enjoy a smooth and natural smoke with RAW Classic 1.25 300 pack Rolling Papers. Unrefined and chlorine-free for quality. 300 sheets per pack with sliding inside tray for freshness.

Raw – Classic 300s 1 1/4 Papers




Product description

RAW Classic 1.25 300 pack Rolling Papers is a fabulous choice for the passionate smoker who wants a classic style and quality smoking experience. These rolling papers are made from unrefined, chlorine-free materials, which means that you can enjoy a smoother, cleaner, and more natural smoke. With 300 sheets per pack, you’ll have plenty of rolling paper to enjoy your best blends for a long time. Plus, the sliding inside tray ensures that your rolling papers stay fresh and safe until you’re ready to use them. Choose RAW Classic 1.25 300 pack Rolling Papers for a quintessential rolling paper that you can trust.

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