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Raw – Classic King Size Supreme Papers


RAW Classic Kingsize Supreme rolling papers are larger, unbranded papers made with unrefined materials for a smooth, traditional smoking experience.

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Raw – Classic King Size Supreme Papers


3 in stock



Product description

The “Classic Kingsize Supreme Raw” you mentioned likely refers to a brand of classic-style, kingsize rolling papers produced by the RAW company. The sheets are the same size as RAW Classic King Size Slim papers, which measure 110 x 44 mm. The sole distinction is that they are entirely smooth and plain, without any branding or graphics.

Kingsize rolling papers are larger in size than 1.25-inch rolling papers and are commonly used for rolling larger-sized cigarettes. The “Classic” designation indicates that these rolling papers have a traditional style and thickness.

RAW is a well-known brand in the rolling paper industry and is known for producing high-quality, natural rolling papers that are unrefined and free of chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

Like other smoking products, these rolling papers are meant for use with herbal blends or tobacco and can be harmful to your health if used frequently or in large amounts. It’s always a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider before starting or continuing to use any smoking product.

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