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Zig-Zag – 78mm Cigarette Roller


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Zig-Zag – 78mm Cigarette Roller




Product description

The Zig Zag – 78mm Cigarette Roller is a game-changer for anyone who likes to roll their own cigarettes, but wants a nice, even roll every time. This manual device from the trusted Zig Zag brand allows you to easily create perfectly rolled cigarettes using your favorite rolling paper and tobacco or herbs. With a 78mm length, this roller can handle a variety of paper sizes, and the manual operation gives you total control over the tightness of your rolls. Say goodbye to buying pre-made cigarettes and hello to a more customizable and cost-effective smoking experience with the Zig Zag – 78mm Cigarette Roller.

Create your own smoking blends, the ideal size cigarette for you, and more with the Zig Zag roller.


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