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Hydrology9 – The Best of Both Worlds

Young plants growing in a series of test tubes in a laboratory setting.

About five years ago, the search ‘dry herb vapes’ first appeared on Google Trends. Since then, dry herb vapes have only gotten more popular. In five years, dry herb vapes have revolutionized the smoking industry by providing a healthier alternative. Major improvements in vaping have happened over the years, and the Hydrology9 might be the […]

Herbalism and Herbal Medicine Throughout the Ages

Glass jars with wooden lids filled with various loose leaf herbs and a wooden scoop on a rustic table.

Austin Vape and Smoke is proud to carry our own line of herbal alternatives to pharmaceutical solutions: Professor Whyte’s kratom, CBD oil, lotion, crumble, and edibles. Herbal medicine and herbalism have a long history, and AVS is excited to tap into this wealth of knowledge to provide you with superior products. Ancient Roots Many ancient […]