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Hydrology9 – The Best of Both Worlds

About five years ago, the search ‘dry herb vapes’ first appeared on Google Trends. Since then, dry herb vapes have only gotten more popular. In five years, dry herb vapes have revolutionized the smoking industry by providing a healthier alternative. Major improvements in vaping have happened over the years, and the Hydrology9 might be the new pinnacle of vaping innovation.

The Benefits of Vapes

Vapes heat a substance to its vaporization point instead of burning it. This eliminates almost all of the health risks associated with smoking. While vaping isn’t harmless, a 2015 report commissioned by England’s Public Health Department concluded that vaping was 95% less harmful than cigarettes! With all of the evidence pointing in favor of vaping, it seems like it won’t be going away anytime soon.

The Benefits of Water Pipes

Water pipes, on the other hand, have a long history of popularity in the smoking industry. You could even say that before there were vapes, there were water pipes, because they were popular for the same reasons. Water pipes also minimize the health risks associated with smoking, although not as effectively. The smoke is forced to filter through water, removing some of the carcinogens before they’re inhaled. This also cools the smoke so it’s less harsh on the throat. These effects are why water pipes have been and will continue to be popular with smokers.

So, what if you combined the benefits from both into one amazing product?

That’s what the people over at Cloudious9 thought. After taking that idea and working to perfect it, they released the Hydrology9. It’s a cutting-edge way to vape dried herbs that blends water pipe and vaping technology for the ultimate experience.

Features of the Hydrology9

Cover – Comes with a magnetic cover for the mouthpiece that keeps it sealed from dust when not in use.

Mouthpiece – The mouthpiece itself is detachable borosilicate glass* with a built in anti-leak valve, designed for easy cleaning.

Body – The body is built out of anti-rust spacecraft grade aluminum alloy and borosilicate glass, and is completely leak-proof.

“Tunnel Tube” Filtration – A Pending Patent design that cools and minimizes carcinogens with each hit by filtering the vapor through water.

LED Light Indicator – LED lights shine evenly through the water to signal temperature settings and battery level.

Heating Control – There are five heat setting to choose between for the ideal vaping experience. Heat settings are maintained by a chip that senses temperature fluctuation and heats the chamber accordingly.

Heat Distributor – Another patent pending design. A built in device meant to eliminate the problem of unevenly heated herbs. The phenomenal heat distribution helps minimize costs and maximize the quality of experience.

*Borosilicate glass is more resistant to shock than any other common glass.

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