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The Trouble With Tolerance: Tips and Tricks to Avoiding Kratom Tolerance (While Still Having Fun)

What’s the Deal?

As many of our kratoms customers might know (and many new users may not), frequent kratom use can cause your body to build up a tolerance to its effects, meaning you may no longer notice the amazing energy boost or pain relief you used to, or you might have to take quite a bit more kratom to get the same results.

Why Does Tolerance Happen?

Kratom alkaloids are processed by brain receptors, and over time these receptors become used to the alkaloids and are no longer stimulated by them, which is what causes tolerance. Different types of kratom will contain different alkaloids, so tolerance grows more quickly if you use one type of kratom exclusively.
Even our blends of kratom, Euphoria, Uplift, and Calm, which are formulated to be as effective as possible, will eventually cause you to build a tolerance if you use one blend exclusively.

How Can We Avoid Tolerance?

One direct method for reducing kratom tolerance is to limit usage of it altogether, however for many daily or frequent kratom users this method obviously doesn’t provide a solution. Is there an option that allows frequent kratom use and a lower tolerance, you ask? Why yes!

The easiest way to combat tolerance while taking kratom is to rotate the type of kratom you use. Switching between types of kratom prevents your brain from getting used to the alkaloids as easily, so your tolerance rises much more slowly. For example, if you primarily use Euphoria, try rotating it with Uplift for better results!

Looking For Other Options?

With the release of our single strain ¼ lb bags of white vein sumatra, green malay, red bali, and bentuangie, rotating kratom just got easier, and more fun! Each of these single strains provide a unique effect and experience. Rotating between some or all of these strains would significantly lower a user’s kratom tolerance, and at $39.99 a bag, it’s an affordable option as well.

Come into any Austin Vape and Smoke location today to check out all the new single strain bags and talk to a salesperson about methods for lowering your tolerance!