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All About Heady/Headie Glass: What Is It And Why Is It Expensive?

You have already spotted the stunning glass pipe out there while shopping, right? This amazingly perfect sculpture holds almost all the colors of the rainbow. So, why not enrich your collection by having this addition to your stock? 


But, the fact is that most heady glass comes with a pretty high cost. Let’s find out why this glass pipe is, why it carries a hefty price tag, and where to buy the best heady glass in Austin.


What is Heady Glass?


Heady glass is an accessory like glass pipes and glass water pipes for smoking herbs like tobacco. These pipes are made with artistic intentions and tricky techniques like lamp working, which is a form of glassblowing. 


Glassblowing is a craft of artisan that involves creating excellent staffs from glass. And lamp working is for creating things by welding and flowing borosilicate glass. Water glass pipes making is the artificer craft of lamp working and glass blowing borosilicate glass in glass pipes. 


Lampworking includes flowing, shaping and shaping several hollow and solid components, which this technique includes welding all of them together. Creative artisans give different artistic looks to clear glass. 


There is an interesting story behind the naming of this beautiful glass shape. In yesteryear, the owners of smoke shops had an idea to get customers’ jaws dropped. The name heady glass coins from those expensive pipes made to play the role of a praised loss leader- Headpieces. 


However, the result turned into something evolving. Heady-art became an image of the Functional Glass-Art Movement. Consumers’ increasing demand and attraction toward this artwork influenced the artists to work hard to bring their imagination into reality. 


Why Is Heady Glass So Expensive?


One of the main reasons behind being relatively high in price is that artisans need to put sincere efforts into it. It requires creativity with the practice of several years to make this work of art. For the last 30 years, this way of craft with glass blowing has been carried on hand in hand. Artists have proven their creative crafting power. 


Several techniques have been incorporated into the history of heady glass for years, such as coloured glass, linework, drawing and disc flips on glass, and marbles and MIBs. Though usually, heady glass is full of color, not all the time. Artists are able to do complicated designs on clear glass with dozens of distinct methods. And this talent for artwork is worth the expensive price tag. 


Plus, the glass used in this glass blowing technique is more intricate and less fragile. Unlike dirt and cheap glass pieces from gas stations, heady glass is less prone to cracking. Whether a pipe, a bong, or a dab rig, an outstanding work of art comes in a maximum price range. Artisans consider special pride in this art as glassblowing is quite a complicated craft rather than it seems to be. 


Where To Buy Heady Glass In Austin?


When purchasing heady glass, the quality of the art piece is an influential point in choosing the right shop. And, in Austin, there are several viable options to buy it. But, if you want to buy an exceptionally good one, visit an all-in-one Austin Glass Gallery in AVS. Or, it would be better to contract a glassblower in Austin directly. You will find several glassblowing studios there. 


So, indeed an artistry and perfect piece of heady glass is a bit pricey. Every artwork is invested with great care and efficient crafting creativity. Several stores in Austin offer exceptional pieces of heady glass. Grab yours and enjoy your magnificent new piece.