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The Benefits of CBD- Testimonial from

CBD Testimonials

Most of the convincing evidence on the benefits of CBD comes from civilian testimonials rather than scientific experiments. Many would like to see more studies on CBD happen, but the government has restricted its testing for a long time.
Testimonials often show that people have found success with CBD when they found it nowhere else. Unfortunately, CBD testimonials aren’t considered official proof of its benefits.

A Testimonial in the Spotlight

CBD testimonials have frequently become news stories, like Wired magazine’s July, 2015 article, “Boy, Interrupted”. It details one father’s turn to CBD after all other attempts to ease his son’s seizures ended without success.  

In this case, the boy in question, Sam, was having up to 100 seizures a day. He and his family had spent seven years visiting hospitals and neurologists, with little success at stopping the seizures. At the end of their rope, Sam’s family decided to try something they’d heard might help but was, at the time, almost impossible to get- CBD.

The big problem: Sam was unable to get the CBD pills in the States. His family had to wade through red tape, spend thousands of dollars, and eventually travel outside the U.S. just for him to try them. The family uprooted and went to London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, where doctors had set up CBD pills made specifically for Sam.

The day before his CBD treatment started, Sam had 68 seizures. The very next day it was already down to 10. At the time the original article was written, he was “between zero and five seizures a day,” and “living like a normal boy.” (Vogelstein, Wired). What incredible results.

Larger Implications

Stories like this sound almost too good to be true, yet there are many articles and testimonials like this one online that have similar sentiments. They certainly make a great case for more research on the potential of CBD. As the Wired article notes:

“About 1 percent of the US population has epilepsy, and about a third of that 1 percent has epilepsy that can’t be cured by medication…[that’s] 1 million Americans with uncontrolled seizures.” –

It’s startling to consider that CBD could be so helpful for so many people. Access to CBD is wider since the Wired article was originally written, but government testing is still restricted. Maybe restrictions will be lifted one day. Until then, CBD will have to remain an unofficial aid.

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