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Best Places To Partake in Austin: Safe & Pretty Natural Places

Austin, the city of 300 sunny days each year, seems ideal with its amazing sight of the Colorado river and fantastic music atmosphere. And, whether in the city areas or within the Hill Country, Austin & the surrounding area has much to offer. 


And, what if you can spend time outdoors while partaking in a Delta-8 THC Gummy or something similar? Yes, if you’re looking for places to safely relax outdoors and use (legal) psychoactive substances around Austin, TX, this blog is for you. 


Best Places To Safely Partake in Austin


Since hemp is legal in Texas, Cannabidiol or CBD products can be found everywhere. All thanks to the Texas law passed last year for legalizing hemp. The CBD market is exploding, and there is a recent proliferation of shops around the state offering tinctures and topicals. The CBD / hemp market is also growing rapidly, in that more cannabis compounds than CBD are legally on the market. Several cannabis compounds that can be extracted from CBD, such as Delta-8, are also available for sale. So, if you plan to spend time outdoors while partaking in hemp products like Delta-8 gummies and all, here is a list for you. These are our favorite outdoor spots in Austin for relaxing, safe exploration.


The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum combines a museum with a sculpture garden to showcase the works of Charles Umlauf and other artists from the visual and performing arts. The UMLAUF offers a variety of cultural and educational opportunities that highlight the connection between the natural world, sculpture, and the arts.


The UMLAUF offers a wide range of events for both adult residents and tourists, such as the UMLAUF After Dark, Insights Artist Talks, picnic in the Garden, Yoga, and more. 



Located in the middle of downtown Austin, Zilker Botanical Garden is part of Zilker Metropolitan Park. Pathways for visitors of all ages and abilities link our several themed gardens, such as the Hartman Prehistoric Garden, the Rose Garden, and the Taniguchi Japanese Garden. The Garden is a tranquil oasis in the heart of our bustling metropolis, with its historic live oak trees, waterfalls, and Koi-filled pools.


You can enjoy your outdoor time here as it is open most days around the year for the public. Every year, more than one million visitors, including natives, travelers, and many Austin school children and local neighborhoods. 


While choosing an excellent place for spending your time and partaking in something similar to any psychoactive substance, nothing can be prettier than Lady Bird Lake. There is a wide variety of outdoor activities available right in the center of gorgeous downtown Austin, from hiking and bicycling to stand-up paddleboard yoga and river cruises.


You can sum up the Austin way of life in one place at Lady Bird Lake. People go to the lake every day of the week to enjoy the many recreational options presented by this section of the dammed-off Colorado River. This area of Austin, which includes the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail and is bordered by downtown Austin, Zilker Park, and Auditorium Shores, is an excellent example of the city’s residents’ love of the outdoors. The reservoir is a fantastic site to spend a day on the water. Thanks to its eight official access points (and many alternative places to put in or take out), whether for an hour around lunch or the whole day on a Sunday.


Things To Consider While Partaking Outdoors


As a result of the epidemic finally allowing us to go, people have started looking for places to make the most out of the summer by adding hemp products to enhance the experience. But, people should also be mindful and respectful of the surroundings of the visiting place. 


It is imperative always to follow the individual rules if any of the regarding places to stay safe. One must consider the natural environment, private property owners, and other visitors.


Final Thought 


Combining hemp use with activities in the great outdoors, such as taking a mellow walk to the beach, having a picnic in the park, or going on a trek in the nearby forests, has always been a fantastic idea. In addition, now that the lockdown has been lifted, this is one of the least dangerous things you can do with your time. You may take some time to relax and look at the stars once it is dark out, or you could appreciate the clouds throughout the day.


 An additional perk is that if you are a pet lover, you may make the experience even more memorable by taking a pet along with you. Consider using any of the items from our Delta 8 THC collection, such as our incredible Delta-8 Gummies, Vape Cartridges, or something like that, while relaxing or spending time outside.  Just make sure to stay safe & use responsibly. Don’t drive if you’re going to partake.

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