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The Benefits of CBD- Testimonial from

CBD Testimonials Most of the convincing evidence on the benefits of CBD comes from civilian testimonials rather than scientific experiments. Many would like to see more studies on CBD happen, but the government has restricted its testing for a long time. Testimonials often show that people have found success with CBD when they found it nowhere […]

How to Take Kratom

  If you’re new to kratom, you may not know which method of taking it is right for you. Here’s a guide on how to take kratom that’ll help you figure it out! Grassroots kratom comes as a powder or in capsules. First off, let’s figure out if powder or capsules are best for you! […]

Prof. Whyte’s Kratom Dosing Guide

Interested In Taking Prof. Whyte’s Kratom But Not Sure How? This Simple Kratom Dosing Guide Is For You! Kratom dosing can be tricky, but Prof. Whyte’s kratom is available as powder or in capsules to make it easier! Here’s how much to take in order to achieve a mild, moderate, or high dose of kratom. […]