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How to Take Kratom


If you’re new to kratom, you may not know which method of taking it is right for you. Here’s a guide on how to take kratom that’ll help you figure it out!

Grassroots kratom comes as a powder or in capsules. First off, let’s figure out if powder or capsules are best for you!

  • -Easy to take
  • -Almost no taste
  • -Easy to dose
  • -Slower acting effects
  • -Less bang for your buck
  • -Fast acting effects
  • -Great bang for your buck
  • -Harder to dose precisely
  • -Strong taste makes it harder to take (there are tricks to help this!)


If taste is a dealbreaker for you, then capsules are probably the way to go! Simply take the desired amount of capsules, and enjoy. For more on dosing with kratom capsules, visit our dosing guide here.

Kratom powder has a strong taste, but there are ways to take it that minimize the flavor and make it easier!

Here are some of the most popular ways of taking kratom powder:

  • *Like Protein Powder- One of the fastest ways of getting kratom into your system. Measure the desired amount into a teaspoon/tablespoon, and have a glass of water or flavored liquid prepared. Toss the kratom powder as far back as possible, and make sure not to breathe in. Immediately wash down with the prepared liquid. The effects will kick in quickly and powerfully, but the flavor will be very strong. 
  • *As A Tea- This method is growing more and more popular. Simply place the desired amount of kratom into a coffee filter and let it steep in boiling water for 10-15 minutes to brew a strong kratom tea. The effects are pleasant and long lasting, and honey can be added to taste. 
  • *Mixed Into Food- Kratom can be mixed with food and eaten. Some of the most popular things to mix it into are smoothies and orange juice, as they mask the flavor well. Effects will take longer to kick in with this method, but they will also last a long time.

If one of those options sounds good to you, then kratom powder might be the way to go! For more on dosing with kratom powder, visit our dosing guide here.

These are the most popular methods of taking kratom that we know of, but please let us know if we missed your favorite in the comments section below!

One of these methods will work great for you, and while it might take some trial and error, we hope that this guide gave you insight on how to take kratom, and helped steer you in the right direction.


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