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CBD for EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes)

EDS, or Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, are a group of connective tissue disorders caused by problems with collagen within the body. Because the body’s collagen is produced incorrectly or only partially, people with EDS typically experience loose and unstable joints, which can lead to frequent dislocations and early arthritis. There is no cure for EDS, so patients search for treatments that can improve symptoms and quality of life. CBD’s beneficial properties make it a perfect all-natural addition to a patient’s treatments. Below, a young woman with EDS describes how she uses CBD in combination with other medications to relieve symptoms.



So, I’ve used CBD but never vaped it, largely because I don’t have much access. My first experience with CBD was my junior year of college when I was between pain doctors and really desperate for pain relief. I was barely functional because of EDS as well as undiagnosed POTS, chiari, centralized sensitization, and gastroperisis. Someone in my group recommended I try CBD oil. Planet K had some CBD gummies and CBD cream that quickly became my only relief. I could only afford a small amount of each but I carefully rationed them both because it seemed to be the only anti inflammatory that actually soothed my joints. Now I actually take it in conjunction with a medication called dronabinol which is what makes me able to eat, but is one of the psychoactive compounds present in cannabis. I get the most benefit when I pair the two together because THC and CBD boost each other’s medical effects, while undercutting each other’s side effects. Taking CBD in conjunction with any THC helps a patient with EDS function without feeling stoned all the time. (which for some people might be a negative but for people who have to be on it constantly, it’s helpful).




*- name has been changed to protect anonymity

What is EDS?