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Portable Dabbers

Portable dabbers are the newest in a long line of products made for convenient and efficient consumption of marijuana.  Just when you thought leafy green weed was taking the world by storm, a whole bevy of new consumables has become available.  In addition to tinctures, lotions, capsules, and edibles, wax or “dabs”, is a new concentrated bi-product of the marijuana industry.  Though it has many different forms, and several different manufacturing methods, at the end of the day, it all serves the same purpose.

  • Oil; A.K.A Honey Oil, Stick ‘n’ Pull, Sap, Errl, Goo, 710


  • Wax; A.K.A Earwax, Candle, Miyagi, Budder


  • Shatter; A.K.A Amber, Rosin


Normally concentrate is consumed using a water pipe and what is referred to as a “nail”.  Nails can be made from quartz (think glass but much harder), titanium, or ceramic.  The nail is heated with flame, usually coming from a butane torch.  A “dabber” usually a quartz or titanium tool is used to scoop up a bit of the concentrate and drop it onto the nail.  After this, typically a “carb cap” is used to cover the hot nail and eliminate wasted vapor.  While this process is tried and true, it requires some space.  For those looking to consume concentrates on the go, the portable dabber is a life saver.


Essentially all portable dabbers work in a similar manner.  A battery will heat a coil, the concentrate is applied to the coil, and a mouthpiece allows for the hit.  They vary wildly in price and quality, and there is one to fit every smoker’s needs.  


Glass globes are one of the first kinds of portable dabbers to have become popular.  The coil inside the globe heats the concentrate and the globe itself captures the vapor.



  • Inexpensive
  • Replaceable coils
  • Standard 510 threaded battery connection


  • Splashback on the inside of the globe creates waste
  • Cost of replacement coils will add up over time.


Ovens are any vaporizer where the concentrate is completely enclosed inside the tank.  Usually ceramic is used for the inside, since it is quick to heat, quick to cool and will not taint the flavor of your concentrate.



  • Clean flavor
  • Inexpensive
  • Standard 510 thread battery connection
  • One time cost
  • No waste, concentrate will melt back down the walls of the oven and turn to vapor


  • Lacks longevity

High end

High end dabbers, like the Boost by Dr Dabber, are the newest toys on the market for concentrate enthusiasts. A battery powered electric nail heats in seconds, delivering a power hit of concentrated vapor to the user.  What really sets these apart though, is customizability.  Attachments are available to enhance the experience, including a water perc, for a smooth filtered hit.  



  • Longevity
  • Customization
  • Mircro USB charger
  • Longer battery life per single charge
  • High burning temperature


  • Costly