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For delivery please call our westgate location on 512-551-0420 Option 3.
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Power Tips For A Better Vaping Experience

With high anticipation on the accelerated spurt of e-cigarettes and Personal Vaporizers in the cigarette industry since their introduction in the 2000s, the product offerings of Austin Vape Shops have truly been advanced and more varied these days. Coupled with the steady rise in the adoption of e-cigarettes and vaporizing, so did the types of PVs and e-liquid variety available across different Austin Vape Shops.

Whether you are a newbie, amateur or pro vaper user, you can improve your smoking experience and could even produce large and satisfying vapor more often with the following power tips cultivated from the best in the industry:

  1. Charge your battery properly

Fully maximized vaping experience ultimately follows long e-cig battery lifespan. From the very moment you assembled your E-cig kit, do not use it immediately. Charge the batteries full to the brim before you begin vaping. Read the manual, notice the voltages and other necessary information about charging that you need to know. Remember that not knowing how to properly charge you battery can damage your e-cig permanently or may cause functional issues that can be avoided in the first place, IF you have charged it right. Just like mobile phone batteries, lithium batteries form slight memories from the first day of charging. So make sure that you charge it fully. After that initial charge, let the battery be fully drained before recharging.

  • Overcharging is a big NO! Just like how overcharged batteries can become overly hot, overheated batteries are known to explode even! So careful there!
  1. Clean your battery

At least once a day, make it a habit to clean your e-cig battery. Simply use a Q-tip or cotton swab and wipe it over the areas with noticeable dirt. Never use any soap or cleaners as it could impair your e-cigarette’s performance. Remember to always clean that space between the cartridge and battery as well. Dirt and residue accumulates easily in that space.

  1. Never mix e-liquids EVER!

We suggest sticking to manufacturers’ pre-mixed liquids. Mixing different e-liquids produces unfavorable effects most of the time. Most often, the strength of certain flavors are reduced or increased more than is favorable. Sometimes, the original flavor disappears, ruining the vaping experience all in all. Also, with various substances and compounds mixed together from various e-liquids, you run the risk of chemical reactions that could have adverse effects.

  1. Inhale and exhale FAST!

It’s easier to get the hang of vaping than smoking. For optimum experience, take shorter puffs than you would a conventional cigarette.

  • Rule: You e-cig battery is drained faster with longer puffs.

Whichever one of the above tips you choose to try (and you can try all of them), understand that you are already on the right path to making the switch in favoring e-cigs over conventional tobacco smokes. Nevertheless, you will have enormous satisfying puffs of vapor that will make you think about buying another pack of e-cigarette from your favorite Austin Vape Shop.