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CBD For Pregnancy: How it Might Help

Back aching. Feet swollen. Eyes weary from poor sleep, and to top it all off, nausea that just won’t go away. It isn’t uncommon for a pregnant woman to experience all of those things and more, all at the same time. Throughout history, it was common for women experiencing the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy to turn to cannabis for relief. Though modern technology has since shown us the risks associated with using THC during pregnancy, it’s possible that using THC-free CBD for pregnancy could be the answer.

CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis. Its properties can make it helpful for a wide range of people, but pregnant women may find it especially beneficial. CBD is known for helping many of the symptoms typically associated with pregnancy!


How Safe Is It?

The jury is still out on this one, due to an unfortunate lack of scientific research on CBD during pregnancy. That being said, CBD oil is legal and considered safe to use, as long as it contains only trace amounts of THC. It’s important to get your CBD from a reputable source like us, to ensure THC levels are below the legal limit. We source our CBD from industrial international hemp and test THC levels carefully, to ensure products meet standards at all times.

While the research is lacking, there are plenty of people online talking about how CBD has helped them throughout their pregnancies, and articles frequently come out in favor of CBD, like this article from Since we aren’t doctors, we can’t tell you for certain if there are risks associated with CBD use during pregnancy. However, the lack of THC in our CBD should make it a safer option than other forms of cannabis use.

The Benefits of CBD

There are so many reasons that people use CBD, it would take a while for us to list them all. Some of the things CBD is best known for helping are also some of the most annoying and uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. Popular uses of CBD are naturally reducing things like:

  • Nausea/Morning Sickness
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Back/Muscle aches

If you’re pregnant, you probably know the pain of one or more of those. It’s incredible to think that CBD could potentially relieve all of those symptoms, if not more. Some articles claim CBD could also help postpartum depression, suggesting it could influence serotonin activity in the brain.

How To Take CBD

There are lots of ways you can use CBD products, here are our recommendations based on what kind of relief you might be looking for:

For full body relief from pain and inflammation, or to reduce nausea, we recommend taking Prof. Whyte’s CBD oil sublingually, or under the tongue. For specific points of pain or inflammation, CBD lotion is perfect for topical use, just rub a dime-sized drop into spot that needs relief. Also, CBD gummies can provide pain relief and satisfy your cravings all at once.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide if Prof. Whyte’s CBD could be right for your pregnancy. We think pregnancy should be as pleasant as possible, and we hope our CBD can help you achieve that.


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