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Black Kingsize Slim Raw


Experience the ultimate in rolling paper quality with RAW Black Kingsize Slim papers. Made from pure, unbleached hemp and designed for use with slim cones, these papers offer a natural, slow-burning smoking experience that is second to none.

Black Kingsize Slim Raw




Product description

RAW Black Kingsize Slim papers are the epitome of premium quality and sustainability in the rolling paper industry. Made from pure, unbleached hemp that’s never been exposed to harsh chemicals like chlorine, these papers are the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious smoker. The thin, light tan paper burns slowly and evenly, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of your smoking blend without any harsh tastes or odors. RAW Black Kingsize Slim papers are purposefully designed for use with king size slim rolling paper cones, which are smaller in size than traditional king size papers, making them an incredible choice for a discreet smoking experience. Treat yourself to a cleaner, more natural smoking experience with RAW Black Kingsize Slim papers.

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