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Classic 1.25 Papers Raw


RAW Classic 1.25 Papers are unbleached and made from natural paper, offering a classic smoking experience. At 1.25 inches, they’re perfect for smaller cigarettes.

Classic 1.25 Papers Raw




Product description

Rolling papers are an essential tool for any smoker, and RAW is a trusted and longstanding brand known for their high-quality, unbleached papers- hence the name ‘Raw’. The “Classic 1.25 Papers Raw” are a perfect fit for those who prefer a classic, natural smoking experience. At 1.25 inches in length, they are smaller than kingsize papers, making them a great choice for rolling smaller cigarettes. Made from natural, unbleached paper, these rolling papers have a light brown color that adds to their classic appeal. Enjoy your smoking experience the way nature intended with RAW Classic 1.25 Papers.

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