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Self-Care & CBD: A Guide

Recently, self-care has been making quite the comeback, and we couldn’t be happier about that! At AVS, we totally understand how crucial it is to take time for yourself, and so do plenty of other people. There’s even a whole playlist of TED Talks dedicated to the importance of self-care! There are plenty of things you can do for self-care, but no matter what your routine is, adding CBD into the mix could be the thing you never knew you needed to take your self-care game to the next level.

Self-Care Is Critical

It can be challenging to keep a healthy work/life balance in the daily grind. With overworking come things like high levels of stress, sleep loss, and other things that can be bad for your health. Even if your schedule is packed, finding a way to unwind is critical for overall well being, both physical and mental. CBD, the non-psychoactive side of cannabis, is rapidly rising in popularity because of the natural health benefits that people notice from its use. Benefits that make it a perfect addition to anyone’s self-care routine.


Stressed Out

Life brings stress, and sometimes it can be hard to keep that stress from clinging to you. Although CBD isn’t psychoactive, it does seem to have stress relieving properties, as people note feeling calmer and more relaxed after using it. Even some people with anxiety use CBD to help quell their symptoms. Using sublingual CBD oil or enjoying some CBD gummies are easy ways to bring stress relief into your self-care routine. Paired with meditation, a hot bath, or simply on its own, CBD can help your mind and body relax and de-stress.

In Pain

For those experiencing any kind of pain, a little self-care is well-deserved and can go a long way. People with muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, and more, have found CBD helpful for reducing symptoms. CBD is one of the best natural anti-inflammatories, which is great for pain relief. Apply Prof. Whyte’s CBD lotion to specific points of pain for fast acting relief, and adding it into your routine before bed would make for some great self-care.

Have Some Fun With It!

Not all self-care has to be serious, there are some fun ways to indulge in some CBD self-care too! Our CBD gummies are a delicious, sugary treat so tasty, they’ll tempt you to eat the whole pack. I wouldn’t, though, each pack of gummies has 150mg of CBD inside!


If sweets aren’t really your thing, you might prefer to smoke your CBD with the CBDoobie! They flavor the wrap so it tastes like bud, but without any THC. Instead, chamomile flower infused with CBD is inside the handy wrapper. All the benefits of CBD, all the fun of a doobie.

We wish you luck on your self-care journey, and we hope that Prof. Whyte’s CBD helps you towards a happier, healthier life.



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