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Kratom Smoothies For Workouts: A Guide

A smiling woman standing in a kitchen, holding a green smoothie.

Your New Workout Buddy You may not have heard about the newfound popularity kratom has found with some of America’s buffest folks- bodybuilders! That’s right, the most workout-intense among us are turning more and more frequently to kratom before hitting the gym. But using kratom as a workout aid doesn’t have to be reserved for […]

Kratom Tea: Make Your Own Stress Reliever & Sleep Aid

A cup of green Kratom tea on a bamboo mat next to a spoonful of Kratom powder.

Any kind of kratom can be made into tea, and the differing effects of each kratom strain will carry over into the tea. That means White and Green vein teas will be energizing, whereas Red vein teas will be calming. For those experiencing stress or sleep loss, Red vein kratom tea is a soothing, calming […]

Prof. Whyte’s Kratom Dosing Guide

A bowl of fine green kratom powder on a wooden surface surrounded by kratom leaves.

Interested In Taking Prof. Whyte’s Kratom But Not Sure How? This Simple Kratom Dosing Guide Is For You! Kratom dosing can be tricky, but Prof. Whyte’s kratom is available as powder or in capsules to make it easier! Here’s how much to take in order to achieve a mild, moderate, or high dose of kratom. […]