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Tank Vaping vs Drip Vaping

To Drip or Not to Drip?

It may seem like vaping has taken over the world these past few years, but the truth is, the dream of an alternative to traditional cigarettes is much, much older than the current trend. According to Wikipedia, “The earliest e-­cigarette can be traced to American Herbert A. Gilbert who in 1963 patented ‘a smokeless non­tobacco cigarette’ that involved ‘replacing burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air.’ This device produced flavored steam without nicotine.”

While the idea has been around for more than five decades, the modern e-cigs that we all recognize today didn’t exist until 2003. Since its inception, vaping has exploded in popularity. The habit of cigarette smoking is notoriously one of the hardest habits to break. You smoke when you drink, you smoke when you’re stressed, you smoke after you eat, when you wake up, before bed, after sex, in the car, and on your lunch break. For smokers, cigarettes are like a dear friend. A dear friend that’s always trying to kill you.

For years people have struggled to find ways to give up their vice in favor of a healthier lifestyle. From patches, gums and prescription medications, to lollipops, chewing straws and munching on snacks, no matter how you do it, it’s hard. Vaping has become the easiest alternative to smoking out there. A way to satisfy your oral fixation and still slowly ween yourself off of the addictive nicotine. But now that you’ve decided to start vaping, what kind of vape is right for you?

Vaping with a Tank

The more common style of vaping requires use of a tank. Tanks are the go-­to for beginners, mostly because of their simplicity. The tank is comprised of a reservoir for e-­juice, as well as a manufactured coil, mouthpiece and usually some kind of airflow control. If you’re going to be vaping in an effort to help you quit smoking, then tanks may be the right equipment for the job. As if you weren’t already stressed enough, the last thing a recent quitter wants to deal with is a complicated device. Most tank style set ups will come in a starter kit, containing everything you need to start vaping, just fill and puff.

Drip Vaping

The more complicated brother to the standard tank is what most vapers call “the dripper.” Dripping is a form of vaping which requires the use of “mech mods.” Okay, let’s slow down. What are “mech mods” you may be asking? Mech mod is shorthand for mechanical modifier. What this means is that there are no electronic parts. A rechargeable/replaceable battery is encased inside, when the button is pushed, it completes the circuit and gives power to the coils on top. When power reaches the coils they will slowly heat up causing the e-juice to turn into vapor.

Should I Drip Vape or Use a Tank?

Now that you have a basic idea of the two kinds vaporizers available, which one should you spend your hard earned money on? The real decision is made based on what you want to use your vaporizer for. The tanks are inexpensive to start, but over time cost more because of regular coil replacement. Whereas with a mech mod, you roll your own coils, which while it can be difficult, is also cost effective. Another important difference is the taste. While tanks can produce a sizable cloud, the flavor tends to be diluted in comparison to the dripping method. Both options have their pros and cons, so really in the end, the choice is yours. If you’re a cloud chaser, looking for big hits, strong flavor and a more DIY feel, then mech mods are for you. If you’re just looking for something simple, to help you quit smoking or just help you pass the time, consider getting a more standard tank­-style vaporizer. Either way, with all the choices on the market today, you’re bound to find something to perfectly fit your tastes.