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Vaping Or Smoking – Distinguishing One From The Other

New to vaping or still skeptical about making the switch? Be in the hype! Never has it been so thrilling to break free from the 4,000 chemicals from cigarettes that plagued the world. But here now comes a viable alternative. Electronic Cigarettes or e-Cigarettes have swept the world by storm as smokers from all walks of life are quickly getting new and interesting namesakes: VAPERS.  Simply put, vapers are the ones who use e-cigarettes. Unlike tobacco cigarettes where users blow out smoke, e-cigarette smokers blow out vapor. Likely so, they are in the habit of vaping. Vaping, in its purest purpose is now the most effective harm-reduction and cessation tool out in the market today.

Although both emit smoke into the air, vaping is not the same as smoking a hookah or water-pipe. With hookahs, a mixture of burned tobacco and molasses is drawn through liquid to cool the smoke. Burning activates carcinogenic chemicals that will then be inhaled by the smoker. Respiratory hazards of smoke are due to toxic by-products of combustion. E-cigarettes on the other hand, do not burn or use any type of combustion. Vaping does not burn tobacco, making it definitely safer than the conventional cigarettes.

Tobacco on the other hand holds in smoke within the lungs which allows more tar and noxious chemicals to be absorbed. However, vaporized gases consist of 95% cannabinoids and the remaining consists of small amounts of one PAH. Also, even with its nicotine content, it is free from tar and other carcinogenic substances that are harmful to the human body. Its staggering statistics from death tolls to lung cancer cases and more speaks for itself.

For those who have never smoked with e-cigarette, how does it feel like? One ingredient in e-cigarette liquids is called Vegetable Glycerin . This key ingredient captures the moisture in the air that’s why the vapor’s febricity is typically at room temperature or cooler. Distinguishably, vapor has a thinner sensation in the mouth when compared to tobacco smoke. There’s no heavy after taste. Vapor from e-cigarettes don’t have a prevalent chemical infused taste as that of tobacco. Unlike traditional smokers, there’s not much flavor allowed for their choice of smoke than e-cigarettes where the users experience the joys of the most flavorful fruit or richest chocolate. Name the vapor flavor you want and the choices are almost endless!

Basically, here’s how it works:

First, the user inhales through a cigarette-looking mouthpiece. This air-flow then triggers a sensor that switches on the atomizer, a rechargeable battery-powered heater. The heater vaporizes liquid nicotine in a replaceable inhaler cartridge that contains vegetable glycerine, polyethylene glycol, flavoring and nicotine, as it also activates a light at the end of the e-cigarette at the same time. The puff of hot gas reaches the lungs, similar to tobacco smoke. As the user exhales, a cloud of PEG vapor (theatrical smoke that also goes in the cartridge) quickly dissipates into the air.

By now, it is to my hope that you have an inkling on how beneficial it is to make the switch or to help yourself recover from smoking addiction with this cheap sheet. Watch out for more of this post!

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