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Embrace Autumn in Austin with Outdoor, CBD Games, and Haunted Delights!

A man leaping joyfully into the air against a backdrop of vibrant autumn foliage under a clear blue sky.

Autumn has arrived!  Y’all, it’s happening. Summer is coming to an end. And while we’re going to miss the hot days by the pool and warm, cicada-filled nights, autumn is truly one of the nicest times of the year in Austin.  Why? What You Should Do This Autumn (and how AVS can make it MORE […]

Sub Ohm Vaping: Our Guide

A hand holding a sub ohm vape device against a neutral grey background.

What is Sub Ohm Vaping? Sub ohm vaping is the process of vaping with a vape whose coils have a resistance of less than one ohm. This process helps create bigger, puffier clouds when you choose to pull a fat vape cloud for your own entertainment or for the entertainment of others. Sub ohm vaping […]

Is Vaping Safe?

Close-up of a metallic vaping device on a dark wooden surface.

How Safe is Vaping? Vaping has become one of the most popular ways to inhale nicotine-based vapors and have a similar “buzz” to that of cigarette tobacco products. “Is vaping safe?” is a question we are asked here at Austin Vape & Smoke from time to time and we have the answer of “Yes!”. Vaping […]

Vape Pen: What is it all about?

A bronze-colored vape pen lying on a dark wood grain surface.

What is a Vape Pen? A vape pen is a vaporizing device designed to heat up a concentrated liquid to a certain level of temperature where it’s both breathable and enjoyable. Most vape pens come in a variety of flavorings where the user is able to customize the intensity of the said flavor, along with […]

Vape Shop Near Me

A cartoon astronaut floating with a globe balloon depicting Earth.

Best Vape Shop Near Me The best vape shop near you is one which is focused on customer service, product quality, and close proximity to wherever you live. Thankfully, with Austin Vape & Smoke, we have all fo those qualities, and then some. The benefits of shopping local here at Austin Vape & Smoke are […]

Hydrology9 – The Best of Both Worlds

Young plants growing in a series of test tubes in a laboratory setting.

About five years ago, the search ‘dry herb vapes’ first appeared on Google Trends. Since then, dry herb vapes have only gotten more popular. In five years, dry herb vapes have revolutionized the smoking industry by providing a healthier alternative. Major improvements in vaping have happened over the years, and the Hydrology9 might be the […]

Opioid Crisis ‘a National Emergency’

Cupped hands holding a collection of white opioid pills.

Last month, President Trump made an announcement during his working vacation in New Jersey addressing the nation’s opioid crisis.  Trump stated it would be necessary to declare the opioid epidemic a national emergency after receiving feedback from his appointed commission of health officials. This is the first time Trump has declared a national emergency since […]

Herbalism and Herbal Medicine Throughout the Ages

Glass jars with wooden lids filled with various loose leaf herbs and a wooden scoop on a rustic table.

Austin Vape and Smoke is proud to carry our own line of herbal alternatives to pharmaceutical solutions: Professor Whyte’s kratom, CBD oil, lotion, crumble, and edibles. Herbal medicine and herbalism have a long history, and AVS is excited to tap into this wealth of knowledge to provide you with superior products. Ancient Roots Many ancient […]

So, Your City Banned Public Vaping: What it means for Austin’s vapers

A person obscured by a large cloud of vapor from vaping, set against a moody blue backdrop.

A week ago, Austin City Council members voted unanimously to include e-cigarettes in the citywide ordinance that bans smoking from public places. Bars and restaurants around town had expressed uncertainty as to whether or not their patrons should be allowed to vape in their establishments, and this law answers that uncertainty with a resounding ‘no’. […]

Keeping it Weird: Hippie Culture in Austin

Two hands form a heart shape on a grassy background, below a colorful peace sign.

Austin’s been a bubble of blue in the great red sea of Texas for a while now, and the city’s liberal mentality has fostered a strong hippie culture that’s a huge part of why Austin is so well loved. Perhaps it’s because Austin is surrounded by red on all sides that the city’s inhabitants are […]