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Hydrology9 – The Best of Both Worlds

Young plants growing in a series of test tubes in a laboratory setting.

About five years ago, the search ‘dry herb vapes’ first appeared on Google Trends. Since then, dry herb vapes have only gotten more popular. In five years, dry herb vapes have revolutionized the smoking industry by providing a healthier alternative. Major improvements in vaping have happened over the years, and the Hydrology9 might be the […]

So, Your City Banned Public Vaping: What it means for Austin’s vapers

A person obscured by a large cloud of vapor from vaping, set against a moody blue backdrop.

A week ago, Austin City Council members voted unanimously to include e-cigarettes in the citywide ordinance that bans smoking from public places. Bars and restaurants around town had expressed uncertainty as to whether or not their patrons should be allowed to vape in their establishments, and this law answers that uncertainty with a resounding ‘no’. […]

Power Tips For A Better Vaping Experience

An assortment of vaping devices and e-liquid bottles in various colors displayed against a dark, sleek background.

With high anticipation on the accelerated spurt of e-cigarettes and Personal Vaporizers in the cigarette industry since their introduction in the 2000s, the product offerings of Austin Vape Shops have truly been advanced and more varied these days. Coupled with the steady rise in the adoption of e-cigarettes and vaporizing, so did the types of […]